Geoff Brooks is coming to Malta!

Breath & Bandha: A Journey through the Elements with Geoff Brooks

19th to 22nd August

One of the primary purposes of Asana is to encourage and ensure the regulated flow of Prana, as energy, throughout the body. While the shape of a pose is important, the way it FEELS is even more so. 

By stimulating Pranic flow with Bandha (energy guidance points) and Pranayama (breath regulating the distribution of energy) as they’re intended, we can experience that.

In these series of classes, Geoff will take you on a journey of 

  • Discovery – of the true intention of Breath & Bandha within the practice, received as knowledge, and 
  • Awareness – through embodiment of the principles, expressed as wisdom.

Our bodies are designed to experience lightness, joyfulness and clarity, whereas our experiences often leave us to feel, heavy, dense, and disembodied. Through the practice we can then understand how the free flow of Prana is experienced as clarity in the mind.

Is this program for you?

Designed for all levels of practitioner, as we explore concepts not taught in regular classes so there is something for everyone to experience. We look forward to welcoming yogis of all backgrounds and experience levels to this enriching experience!

Each class incorporates

  • Pranayama 
  • Asana
  • Mindfulness
  • Geoff unique intriguing, sometimes humorous, yet readily understood, teaching

Workshop Schedule

Saturday, 19th August at 11:00am- 13:00pm: EARTH Establish the foundation for our journey ahead with a grounded practice of purpose and intent. (At the Studio –Body Works – St Julians)

Saturday, 19th August at 14:00pm- 16:00pm: Hands-On Adjustment Dive deeper into the practice with hands-on adjustments. (At the Studio –Body Works – St Julians)

Sunday, 20th August at 11:00am- 13:00pm: WATER Embrace fluidity and adaptability as we explore flow and transitions (At the Studio –Body Works – St Julians)

Monday, 21st August at 19:00pm- 21:00pm: FIRE Ignite your inner fire, nurturing right action and charisma. (Manoel Island)

Tuesday, 22nd August at 19:00pm- 21:00pm: AIR Experience clarity of mind and body through the power of breath and movement. (Manoel Island)


Take advantage of the Early Bird Price by booking before the 8th of August to secure your spot at a discounted rate.

Workshop Type Early Bird Price (till 8th August) Regular Price
Single Workshop €45 €50
Three Workshops €110 €125
Five Workshops €150 €170


Saturday and Sunday classes will be held at the studio Body Works – St Julians

Monday and Tuesday evenings, we will shift to the beautiful setting of Manoel Island, providing a unique atmosphere to enhance your yoga experience.

Do I need to bring my yoga mat?

Yes, you are requested to bring your own yoga mat and yoga blocks, for reasons of hygiene, energy and ecology only outdoor classes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join us for an incredible journey of transformation!

Cancellation Policy: A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spots. Please be aware of this before booking. 🙏

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