Wisdom and Yoga

40-Hour Asana Lab Yoga Teacher Training Course

July 18-21, 2024, St Julians, Malta

Yoga Asana stands out for its adaptability to meet individual or group needs while staying true to its core intention. Contrary to the perception that Yoga might be rigid due to teaching a limited range of poses, it actually embodies a versatile approach to the science of movement. The foundational text of Yoga, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, doesn’t prescribe specific poses but rather imparts intention. Our program dives deep into this intentionality, allowing for a rich understanding of the reasons behind Asana practice. We will explore and experiment with these intentions across physical, mental, emotional, and energetic dimensions, focusing on the why, how, and what of Yoga Asana. This course aims to lay a profound foundation and enhance the awareness of key aspects of Yoga Practice:

  • Yoga Philosophy: Understanding Asana in relation to awareness, its purpose, and benefits.

  • Movement Fundamentals: Building the cornerstone of a safe and empowering Asana practice.

  • Asana Wisdom: Delving into the true essence and form of various Asanas.

  • Integrating Pranayama: Unveiling how breath control enriches the Vinyasa flow.

 Our 40-Hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program (YACEP) is designed to take your yoga journey to the next level.

The Essential Postural Experience for Your Yoga Journey.

About Geoff Brooks

Geoff brings over 35 years of yoga practice and more than 15 years of teaching experience.

His journey through life and yoga, combined with his expertise, wisdom, and graceful approach, has made him a source of inspiration and guidance for many seeking to deepen their experience of living. Geoff offers a unique suite of teachings and also contributes bespoke components to Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTTs) across Australia, Asia, and Europe. With a profound understanding of yoga and its underlying philosophy, Geoff teaches various styles, including Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, alongside Pranayama techniques. His teachings are celebrated for their focus on yoga’s true essence, promoting pranic flow, exploring sensations within poses, and applying mindfulness practices.

This 4-Day Program Includes:

  • 40-hour YA Accredited Certification
  • Online tutorials and practice sessions
  • 4 Days of In-Person Training

Can I do the course if I am not a yoga teacher?

Non-yoga teachers are welcome to participate having at least 6 month of experience as a yoga student or any sport.

Daily Schedule (Subject to Change)

Morning sessions: 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Lunch Break

Afternoon sessions: 13:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Yoga Studio: Body Works, St. Julian’s, Malta

Course Program

”by understanding the why, what and how of Asana we can be more connected with our own body and develop a deeper intimacy with our physical, mental and emotional being”



Day 1: Curiosity

Our first day is set to establish the theme for the Immersion. We aim to spark curiosity about our minds and, especially, our bodies, exploring habitual movements and the possibilities of moving differently.

Sadhana & Satsang
Our first Sadhana (practice) is exploratory, where Geoff observes how you move, and you explore how it FEELS. This is followed by interactive Satsang (philosophy discussion), where we learn why understanding the reason for and purpose of the Asana is crucial to our ability to be in a state of Yoga.

 Movement Exploration
Fundamentally, we move in three different ways: linear, rotational, and curvature. We’ll explore how these movements create all our movements and shapes, and we learn about the efficiency of movement.


Day 2: Familiarity

Today is all about ensuring that the exploration from the previous day becomes part of your normal way of movement.

Sadhana & Satsang
Our Sadhana begins by introducing how the concepts from the previous day are integrated throughout the practice. It’s the slightest cues and fractional adjustments that often deliver the biggest insights. The Satsang again creates an open environment for both discussion and learning how the philosophy IS the practice. In this session, we are introduced to Chakra and Pranic flow within the body.

Chakra & Asana
In the first session of this day, we learned how energy organically moves. In this session, we learn how it builds and is supported by the Chakra as Elements. We’ll discover how we can alter the intention of a single pose, sequence, or entire practice by focusing on the Chakra individually or as the components of the entire flow of Prana.


Day 3: Integration

Once the concepts are understood and the way we move feels fluid and stable, we start to develop confidence in our bodies and learn how to develop a relationship with the way it communicates to us.

 Sadhana & Satsang
By now, we’re no longer receiving as much external instruction and are ideally observing how we remain present to the Sadhana practice through the way the body responds and how we self-adjust or amend in the most subtle ways. The Satsang also shifts from teacher-student to a sharing of experiences and collaborative awareness.

Asana Refined
Though we are constantly “doing Asana,” this afternoon session becomes completely refined, exploring Asana from the ground up and how there is so much similarity in many of the poses. The “trick” lies in the ability to relate to the pose in relation to gravity and the organic flow of Prana.


Day 4: Exploration

While we’re still on a learning curve, the foundations we’ve developed allow us to truly dive deeper into the practices.

Sadhana & Satsang
This final morning will ensure that any loose ends are addressed, including the role of Pranayama in the practice in a more formal manner. Our Satsang increasingly incorporates the story of the practice and how we eventually release the practice because it’s simply where we live from, rather than trying to find it.

Asana LAB
In our final session, we’ll establish a set of poses that you’d like to explore more, and others which Geoff will introduce based on the variable abilities of individuals and the group itself. Essentially… we play.


Day passes are available for those who cannot attend the full 4-day course. Each day features different workshops.

Daily pass: €150

Early Bird Special: €580 (till 26th June)

Regular Price: €680

Deposit: €250 (non-refundable)

Full Payment (due within 30 days of the course) Upon reservation, you have the option to pay in full or submit the deposit. Once we receive your payment, we will send you a deposit confirmation. Full payment must be made 30 days before the yoga course begins.

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